[Group Buy] POM Glacier Pandas

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GB Start Date: January 27, 2021

Estimated ship date: 3-4 Months After Group Buy Ends

1 quantity = 10 switches

One of BSUN's newest developments, the POM Glacier Panda features a POM housing, never before seen in a Panda switch. With its famous housing and smooth "v2" stem (found in our Dusk Pandas), the POM Glacier Panda is the perfect combination for just about all uses. Use it stock or combine it with a Halo stem to create a unique-sounding Holy Panda!


- POM v2 linear stem
- 5 Pin PCB Mount
- Full POM housing
- 67g (bottom out) spring
- Designed by AlphaKeys
- Manufactured by BSUN


Canada: AlphaKeys
United States: Dangkeebs
Southeast Asia: ZionstudiosPH
More coming soon!


Fulfillment period:

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  • Estimated Shipping Period: 3-4 Months after pre-order ends.
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