Keyboard Build Services


INR 35 per switch, I provide the lube, and films.
INR 31 per switch, I provide the lube, you send me films.
INR 27 per switch, doesn't include lube or films, you provide them.

For Lube I have 3203, 3204, 205g0, 206g0, GS1, GS2, and a 205g0/105 Mix.
For Oil I have 105 and 1514.
For Films I have Deskeys, and Durock Films.

I will use the appropriate lube based on the switch, and what I think would work well as a lube.

For Example: For a prelubed switch (like Alpacas), or a smooth switch (Ink Blacks), I will use a thinner lube like GS1, or 3203. For switches like Cherry MX Blacks, I'll use 206g0, etc.



INR 2000 for boards under 60% or lower
INR 2250 for boards 60% - TKL.
INR 2500 for boards above TKL.

Prices include stabilizer clipping and lubing! I use 205g0 for the stems, and XHT BDZ for the wire. You can send me a different lubricant to use as well, prices will be changed accordingly.

The prices above are approximations, and can change depending on the amount of components to be soldered, or to be worked through.

Prices will be different for fully through hole kits.



I will ONLY hotswap clean PCBs. If you send me a desoldered PCB and there is damage I do not take any responsibility.

INR 20 per switch (2 sockets) - you provide your own sockets.
(For a TKL with 88 keys it will cost 88 * 20 - INR 1760)



INR 1000 for boards below TKL (without LEDS).
INR 1500 for boards TKL and above (without LEDS).

I use a Proskit SS-301 desoldering gun.

I will only desolder your board if you also need it built.


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