Gateron Blue Bubblegum Linears

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Rs. 650

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Switches are sold in packs of 10. 1 qty = 10 switches

The color scheme for this switch is inspired by the color of bubblegum, combined with the color blue, cause why not. Hence the name, Blue Bubblegum. The materials were chosen to retain the smoothness and feel of the much loved Gateron Black Inks while using a nylon top to lower the pitch of the switch and a 65g spring rather than the heavier 80g spring in the Black Inks.

Sound test by KBbyMB:


* POM Stem
* INK Bottom Housing
* Nylon PA66 Top Housing
* 55g Actuation
* 65g Bottom Out
* 4.00mm Travel
* MX Style
* PCB Mount (5 Pin)

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