Gazzew Boba Pink Silent Linear

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The Boba Pink is one of the newest addition to the Gazzew Boba Line of Switches. It is a Silent Linear type of switch composed of a new plastic material that is comparatively softer than the regular Nylon PA66 material, but is very smooth and has the same good characteristics as the Polycarbonate material, which makes it really durable and very effective, it also has a higher melting point than the Polycarbonate material.

The design of its Top Housing is intended to reduce the Top Switch Wobble issue, which in turn gives a better feel, performance, and sound. The Base part, on the other hand, is specifically designed to ensure universal compatibility with the PCBs available in the market.

The Boba gum also has the same unique stem rail design that only the Boba Switch Line has, which makes its 4mm travel distance very smooth and silent, which is comparable to the top Silent Linear Switches available in the market today. Its Leaf design was also specifically engineered to reduce Leaf Ping, which is also the same for its High-quality Korean made Stainless-Steel Springs.


  • Silent Linear
  • 5 pin PCB mount
  • Pink Base
  • Clear (RGB) Top
  • 52g or 62g or 68g bottom out force
  • Compatible with MX Style Keyboards
  • Compatible with both Outemu-only sockets and Kailh/Gateron universal sockets
  • Stainless Korean-made Springs

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