[In Stock Extras] DCS Blue Moon

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Portrayed as a blue moon reflecting in the water, the cream white legends represent a full moon surrounded by a teal tint of the modifier legends, all reflecting into the deep blue water.

Providing a well constructed base kit at a great price was a big priority. With comprehensive layout support and an extension kit for more compatibility, virtually every layout will be supported. Commit to the theme with the Full Moon Alphas which shine a light on that big orb in the sky, giving your board a classic alpha/mod composition.


  • DCS Profile
  • Doubleshot ABS
  • 1-2-3-4-4 Sculpt

Keybee Specifications:

  • 1u
  • Brass
  • E White - Matte
  • Dark Blue Infill - Blue Glow
  • 2.25u
  • Aluminium,
  • Blue Anodization
  • Light Blue w/ Glow Infill, White clouds no Glow Infill

Deskmat Specifications:

  • 900x400x4mm
  • Stitched edges
  • Cloth top (works with all mice)
  • Rubber bottom
  • Machine washable (wash on cold/gentle - air dry)

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