MillMax 0305 Sockets

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Sold individually, 1 quantity means 1 socket - add the according amount to your cart!

Make your solder board Hotswap-able™

0305-2-15-80-47-80-10-0 Tin-plated over Nickel 3.94mm length

These are super tiny, recommended to buy extras for the ones that get dropped or lost.

Requires 2 per switch , Requires soldering to PCB, We recommend to pick up a few extra

Installation Tips:

For all soldering: use a small tip and use thin solder. Recommended Solder: Kester 0.031 in. 24-6337-0027

  1. Put sockets on a switch.
  2. Insert switch where it belongs, with sockets on the legs.
  3. Solder sockets.
  4. Remove switch
  5. Repeat 1-4 until done. Use like 10 switches at a time. Use switches you don't care about so that when you inevitably solder a socket into it, it's no biggie.

When you put keycaps on your stabilizers, it might push the PCB off of the switches. I like to leave the board open until switches AND caps are installed, push everything to fit again, then close up the case.

God tier QOL upgrade: add something non-conductive underneath the PCB to prevent the above issue and just to keep the PCB from backing off in general. Bumpons or shelf liner is great for this.

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