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This is a Group Buy, and the estimated shipping date is Q1 2022 (Jan - March 2022)

GB Start Date: 1st October, 2021
GB End Date: 11:59PM 30th October, 2021

The bongo box is an acrylic artisan box, inspired by the original meme of the bongo cat.
This artisan box can contain up to 25 artisan. Available in frosted and 5 other colors. All cases will fit SA caps.
The project has been approved by the original creator of the bongo box.
The group-buy will be open from the 1st october to 30th october. Extras will be available.
The estimated delivery for this group-buy is 4 months after the end of october.


- 9 Layers in 2.5mm (Frosted or Colored)
- 1 Clear acrylic cover
- 25 slots(5x5) for keycap artisans or 21 with Rama Enter
- 6 Stand offs
- 12 M2 nut screws
- M2 Hex key


- Display stand in clear Acrylic


Mechs&co (US)
Ashkeebs (CA)
DailyClack (AU)
TheKeyPlus (EU)
Prototypist (UK)
Rebultkeyboard (Asia)
rectangles.store (IN)

Fulfillment period:

  • Once the pre-order period ends, the total quantity ordered will be scheduled for manufacturing
  • Estimated Shipping Period: Q1 2022 (Jan - March 2022)
  • Pre Order Ends: 11:59PM 30th October, 2021

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