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GB Start Date: 7th April, 2021
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Inspired by the Discipline65 and the Preonic, 0-Sixty (pronounced “zero to sixty”) is a 60% DIY ortholinear mechanical keyboard kit designed by ven0mtr0n. Apart from being ortholinear, this board was designed to have a minimal yet stylish look, while being one of the most affordable custom mechanical keyboards in the Indian mechanical keyboard community. The circuitry being composed of entire through-hole parts means you get to build your board completely from the ground-up! (Don’t worry, we offer build services as well, checkout the extras page)

After successful completion of round-1 group buy in early 2021, we’re back at it again. This time we’re offering 2 versions of the board: A barebones/R1 kit, and an R2 kit.

The R2 kit is a pimped-up version of the barebones kit. It comes with a laser-cut acrylic case, which adds immeasurably to the aesthetics, robustness, and ergonomics of the board. 

Each acrylic case, after being laser cut, will undergo a ton of manual tuning and finishing. All the external screw-holes are countersunk and flame polished. Brass threaded-inserts are thermoset into most of the screw holes. All this love put into each board takes it to the next level, and brings out the quality you deserve.


  • 60% ortholinear layout
  • Acrylic case, with a 5mm thick acrylic plate
  • 2 layout options for acrylic plate: MIT layout and Grid layout. If you wish, you can go plateless as well.
  • Configurable tilt angles: 0 degree, 5.5 degree and 7 degree
  • Uses only through-hole components
  • Supports both PCB (5-pin) and plate mount (3-pin) switches
  • Based on the popular Arduino Pro Micro, and powered by QMK firmware
  • Fully programmable through VIA and QMK configurator (officially supported)
  • Designed and assembled in India

You can get extra PCBs, plates, components and opt for build services for your 0-Sixty from here

Note that switches, stabilizers and keycaps are NOT included in this kit. The kit includes the acrylic case, PCB, all circuit components and screws. ProMicro will be pre-flashed with VIA supported firmware.

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