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MW Aschente is a set inspired by the famous Japanese anime - "No Game no life" and the characters that are part of the world, epsecially Jibril, Tet and ofc Shiro and Sora!

It aims to bring to life the fantasy world Shiro and Sora found themselves in, with the one of a kind noveties (designed by DontStealMyLollipop himself) and a gorgeous deskmat designed by InputUniverse.

Paired with MW's short leadtimes, get ready to get good at over 280 games just like the unbeatable duo in no time!


Dye-Sublimation PBT by Milkyway
Cherry Profile
Designed by DontStealMyLollipop


  • CNC Milled Aluminum
  • Purple anodization
  • Hotswappable Universal Magnetic Knob (18mm Diameter)

Cards Deck R1 1u:

  • CNC Milled
  • Aluminum Blue powder coating
  • Multi-Color Enamel Infilling

I <3 Humanity" R3 2.25u:

  • CNC Milled
  • Aluminum Yellow powder coating
  • Multi-Color Enamel Infilling

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  • Estimated Shipping Period: Q1 2023 (Jan - Mar 2023)
  • Pre Order Ends: 11:59PM 18th August, 2022

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