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Hotswap macropad with waifu feet and OLED!

Designed by Fe, the Fe(eeee)etPad is a macropad with an ISO Enter (put a use to all those unwanted ISO enters), and 8 macro keys for a total of 9 macro keys. Fe-eeee-etpad has support for QMK/VIA along with a custom animation on the OLED.

The kit requires SMD and THT soldering. Build services will also be offered. The kit doesn't include a pro micro or compatible featherboard.


  • Feet silkscreen art (Zero Two's, specifically)
  • Hotswap
  • RGB underglow
  • ISO enter
  • OLED w/ custom walking animation tied to WPM (art by @savscarlett00)
  • VIA support (currently unofficial but entirely functional)
  • Cool curved traces

The Kit

  • PCB
  • Standoffs+screws
  • 0.91in OLED
  • WS2812B underglow LEDs
  • Hotswap sockets
  • Reset button
  • Optional - 2U Stab

Fulfillment period:

  • Once the pre-order period ends, the total quantity ordered will be scheduled for manufacturing
  • Estimated Shipping Period: October, 2021

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