[Group Buy] DSS Lights Out

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This is a Group Buy, and is estimated to ship in Q3, 2022 (June - Sept 2022)

Group Buy Ends: 24th Jan, 2022

After receiving much love for its initial run supporting mostly smaller form factor boards, Lights-Out returns with full support for everyone! Black on black is a colourway you can put on any board — pop it on a black board for the murdered out look or on a brighter board to let the case design really shine.

Your choice of mod kitting and legend design keeps the set modular, leaving the flexibility and customization we love to see in keyset design!


  • Doubleshot ABS
  • DSS Profile
  • Designed by mmdrx

Fulfillment period:

  • Once the pre-order period ends, the total quantity ordered will be scheduled for manufacturing
  • Estimated Shipping Period: Q3, 2022 (June - Sept, 2022)

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