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This is a Pre-order for a Group Buy, and is estimated to ship in August, 2021

Lotus58 based on the Lily58 is a 58 key split keyboard design, featuring a 6x4 columnar stagger and 4 thumb cluster keys on each hand, along with support for rotary encoders and OLEDs. The Lotus58 is a perfect choice for people who want to be on a split keyboard but still want to have a fairly standard amount of keys.. The PCB uses hotswap sockets to give you an easy to use hotswap split board. The Lotus58 is sold as a kit, that you will have to solder and assemble yourself.

The kit includes the basic components to build the keyboard, with optional upgrades such as rotary encoders, per key LED, undergrow LED and more. Extras can be found here: https://rectangles.store/products/group-buy-lotus58-extras

The kit does not include a Pro Micro, this has been done to allow the people the flexibility to choose a featherboard of their choice.


  • 6x4 Columnar Stagger Layout (Close to a 60%)
  • 4 Thumb Cluster Keys
  • OLED support
  • Optional Encoder Support
  • Per Key, and Underglow RGB LED Support
  • QMK / VIA Support
  • FR4 Sandwich mounted using M2 standoff and screws

Kit Contents:

  • Lotus58 PCB - 2
  • Lotus58 Plate + Bottom Plate - 2 Each
  • Hotswap Sockets - 60
  • Bumpons - 6 Big, 6 Small
  • M2 Standoffs, and Screws
  • 0.91" OLED - 2
  • TRRS Jack - 2
  • 1N4148 Through Hole Diodes - 60

Kit Does Not Include:

  • Pro Micro
  • Switches
  • Keycaps

Fulfillment period:

  • Once the pre-order period ends, the total quantity ordered will be scheduled for manufacturing
  • Estimated Shipping Period: August, 2021

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Group Buy Policy

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