0-Sixty by Ven0mtr0n: R1

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Inspired by the Discipline65 and the Preonic, 0-Sixty (pronounced “zero to sixty”) is a 60% DIY ortholinear mechanical keyboard kit designed by ven0mtr0n. Apart from being ortholinear, this board was designed to have a minimal yet stylish look, while being one of the most affordable custom mechanical keyboards in the Indian mechanical keyboard community. The circuitry being composed of entire through-hole parts means you get to build your board completely from the ground-up! (Don’t worry, we offer build services as well, checkout the extras page)

After successful completion of round-1 group buy in early 2021, we’re back at it again. This time we’re offering 2 versions of the board: A barebones/R1 kit, and an R2 kit.

The barebones/R1 kit is the same as was offered in round-1 group buy. This is an extremely minimal keyboard built with a pair of FR4 boards sandwiched together. 0-Sixty R1 will be a great budget custom keyboard kit for anyone looking to explore the 5x12 ortholinear layout and/or the world of building their own keebs.


  • 60% ortholinear layout
  • Layout options: All 1u keys / 1x2u in the bottom row / 2x2u in the bottom row
  • Uses only through-hole components
  • Plate-less by default (though you can choose to use R2’s plate, get it from the extras page)
  • Based on the popular Arduino ProMicro, and powered by QMK firmware
  • Fully programmable through VIA and QMK configurator (officially support)
  • Designed and assembled in India

    Note that switches, stabilizers and keycaps are NOT included in this kit. The kit includes PCB, backplate, all circuit components, screws and standoffs. ProMicro will be pre-flashed with VIA supported firmware.

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