Cherry PCB Clip In Stabs

SKU: cherry-pcb-stabs-7u

Rs. 950

Tax included.

These are stabilizers using genuine Cherry Clip-in housings, used to stabilize the longer keys on your keyboard.

Pick from multiple choices of single stabs, or full kits.

A Standard 60% board typically needs 4x 2u stabilizers and 1x 6.25u stabilizer (ANSI). A Tsangan/HHKB/WKL 60% board needs 4x 2u stabilizer and 1x 7u stabilizer. A full sized board typically needs 7x 2u stabilizers and 1x 6.25 or 7u stabilizer.

*Note: Sometimes wires arrive slightly bent, before installation, please make sure to check and make sure your wires are at a 90-degree angle prior to installation.

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